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Every now and again I visit a page that I haven't had a reason to visit before and WHAM there it is again, an invitation to sign up to a non-existent newsletter. On comes the Block Manager, away goes the widget. Until the next time I spot it on another page that I've not visited before.

Would it be possible to toggle this to off in a future version to prevent those of us who don't and won't have a newsletter having to visit every page of the site to manually remove the block and have to answer questions from users about this newsletter that they've signed up for and not received, please?


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Aha, it's like a certain 'gotta catch 'em all' game! Or whack a mole. Just checking my site over as a guest (after finding some group permissions mysteriously unticked for my third party applications - grr!), and found another one I'd missed!

Staff Directory Page but language key is messed up this time!



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