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Posting before registering


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It took me some time before I could renew my license but I ended up renewing and upgrading from 4.2.3 to 4.4.1 and one of the changes I noticed was that somewhere between those two versions, there was a new option that (perhaps unintentionally) allowed Guests to post new topics and messages even though they had no content posting privileges on my forums. While some here on the forums pointed in the right direction to fix it, the fact that the new option basically made all previous privileges null and void kind of struck me as odd. I do think that the next time a new feature is added in the ACP, that it doesn't over-right other permissions that you have set up previously.

In my case, a new feature that allowed "Guests to post messages and create topics before they registered" over-wrote disabled privileges I had put in place previously for the "Guests" usergroup. Honestly, I spent some time trying to figure out how that happened before I got frustrated with trying to find the problem and ended up posting here in the support forums.

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