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Members can editing own content (topic or post)

Luc Wolfe

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I got a regular member asking me how to be able to edit a post he made.

In the members group all permission are enable so I'm quite lost on how he still can't be able to edit his own post. I even logged in into his account to view all the changes I've made and still no edit option appearing underneath his post

My Admins and moderator can all view the edit button but not him.

anyone else had this issue?

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4 hours ago, AndyF said:

Have them make a new post (or if you are logged in as them you make a post)

Then view it.

Does the edit link show immediately afterwards ?

It sounds like you simply have the time limit in effect, you can adjust this per Members > Groups > if its that.


Boom that was it!

Thanks Andy

i also feel stupid...

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