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How to change subject email of failed payments


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Hi guys,

Wondering if any of you very helpful people would be able to help me with this.

The payment method used below is stripe, but I guess these emails are generic for other payment

The problem is that when someone is sent a renewal invoice and payment has gone through, and when someone is sent a renewal invoice that failed because payment couldn't be made the same email subject is used, with the word "RENEW:" at the beginning, if someone doesn't open the email, at first glance it just looks like their renewal has happened, they are unaware it has failed.

How can I change the email subject for emails where payment for renewal fails? This happens more often then you would realise, as lots of times card details expire etc. And members may not realise their renewal has failed until some time has passed. Making a clear subject line would warn users to update their details etc. 

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In the AdminCP you can adjust the language strings used by visiting Customization > Languages and clicking the globe icon next to your language pack(s) to list all of the language strings and their translations. Email subjects generally start with "mailsub_" which you can use in the search window to narrow down the list.

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