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PAID Pay points to unlock thread (And why?)


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Pay points to unlock thread.

This mod would require:

a) The ability for an admin to “lock” a thread, but not the usual lock where any user can read its content and not reply to it, but rather lock it as in “users who do not pay points to unlock it, will only be able to read the title, but not view its content”.

b) Make it compatible with any of the points system for ipb currently available which allow admins to give away xx points to a member group each week or month.

So, why would this be a useful mod to the community?

a)       It would offer Patreon creators a pretty cool alternative to the current super-limited patreon platform where a creator basically has to provide access to just about everything he’s created to new patrons in that same tier, which encourages patrons to join for 1 month and then just leave. (your can give your patrons access to the member group you want on your forum, and give away a monthly assignment of xx points, which would allow them to unlock 1, 2, 3 or whatever threads you want. You can have members of a different tier on another group, with more points, etc.)

b)      Encourage member subscription. For example, you know how vimeo has this option where a video you’ve uploaded can only be watched from your url? You could put your video inside a thread.

c)       Admitedly more limited, but a pretty cheap alternative to downloads and commerce. (you can add files, video links, etc. to a thread)

d)      A pretty flexible alternative to paying to unlock via paypal, etc. (case in point: a single payment would give the user the option to unlock several threads of his choice, rather than having to unlock each thread indivually, making single payments for each one). 

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We have such an app, but it works only with commerce and we have no interest into adding support for points. The visitors pays to view content, the content creator gets paid whatever he wants and the site owner gets a commission.. 


Let me know if you're interested into this ( only commerce, no support for any points system and no interest to integrate support for any points system)

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What you're a describing is a different system (which admitedly is quite interesting also), but I'm looking for the flexibility of a points system, which would allow me to provide access to both forum subscribers and patrons from other sites without them having to make manual payments all over again. 

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