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Passing query string parameters into IPS registration?


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There will be two ways for people to become members of my community. The first is by directly buying a monthly subscription. That's easy enough.

The second is by buying another product I sell on a completely separate platform which includes a membership to the community as a bonus of purchasing that product.

In that scenario, the person will complete their purchase and end up on a 'success page' that contains a link to https://www.mycommunity.com/register/ for them to create their account.

However, I just noticed that my other platform adds useful query string parameters to that url which contains info about the purchase (order number, name, email address, etc.). Here's an example of what that link ends up looking like...


So I was wondering... is there any way to pass any of this information into the registration somehow? So that, for example, the order number from the query string gets included/associated with their account in my community? Or something similar to that?

Also, would there be a way to perhaps prefill the 'Email Address' field of registration with the email address from the query string? Just so they have one less bit of info to fill out when signing up.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Yes, this is customization that extends outside the scope of IPS.  

With that said, what other platform are you using, and maybe we can help advise you?  For example, we've seen integration scripts with Discord, Slack, MediaWiki, and WordPress.  In general, if your other script supports oAuth 2, then you can set up an oAuth login.  If your script uses something else, you'll need to hire a third-party provider.  


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Thanks Joel. The other platform is a shopping cart called ThriveCart.

I use it to handle the checkout process of an ebook I sell. Once the payment is complete, the buyer is sent to a success page where they can download the ebook. That page also has a link to my community's registration page, which ThriveCart automatically appends all of those query string parameters shown in my original post (such as their ThriveCart order number) to.

So if there was some way to have the buyer click that link, fill out the IPS registration form and become a member of my community WITH their ThriveCart order number somehow being attached to their account... that would be perfect.

So I wouldn't actually need the two platforms to share a login or anything like that. I'd really just need ThriveCart to pass the order number in the query string to my IPS community.

Make sense?

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