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Who's Online has stopped working


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Hey everyone

The "Who's Online" feature, has stopped working. I can only see myself online and users can only see themselves online too. The core feature is set to everyone in the applications, and it hasn't been touched. This only started to not work yesterday.

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? I've attached some screenshots of the problem. (Yes the software is up to date and I am hosting with Invision Community)





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1 hour ago, Kieran Harvey said:

I've contacted support yesterday but no response yet. Really annoying for me to not fix it, must be a fault on their end.

Must be? Just give them a day or two. It’s the weekend after all and it’s not like your board is inaccessible or anything. If it bothers you to see no activity, I would just remove the widget until support can check it out. 

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1 minute ago, KIKI_ said:

I've never had to wait 72+ hours for a response and they seem to be ignoring the issue. Considering I was the one alerting them to 29+ outages since last week. Terrible service so far really. 

Could be they have alot on their plate with the weekend CiC issues and probably loads of 4.4 tickets. I've never known them to ignore anything and I have asked them some dumb stuff

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