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I don't think any of the current points system can do this?


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Patreon is good, but not awesome: amongst its many limitations, the worst one is that new patrons can basically download all your stuff since the very moment they join. 
It'd be awesome if each new member could get some free points every week (or month) and use them to download some items, but not all. 
Translated to ipb:
I'd like to create a subforum where all threads are closed, but members can open them by paying points. (kind of "pay to open a locked thread, but more flexible) The admin can give away xx points every week or month, and each member can use it as he/she wishes to open the threads they want. 
I believe this can be done using "downloads", but the problem with this is that you can't use a video as a download item and also, I would like to include other stuff in that thread, such as links, etc.
I don't know if any of the current points system would allow this or if there's another way to do it? 

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