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Everybody is choosing "Night Mode" nowadays....

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10 hours ago, TheWorldNewsMedia.org said:

...doing a world class job would mean a button that people can toggle like Twitter and YouTube.

Then edit your template and put the button in the header or the user menu.

I actually really like this idea. When our community is done developing our dark theme, I'll look at placing it in a more convenient area instead of in the footer.

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Ok, I have received a couple of messages regarding my night theme, asking if it was available for purchase at all. I'm not a theme developer, it's was never intended to enter the marketplace so the custom.css is not the most professional or tidy one you will ever come across, but I am happy to share it for free and unsupported in this topic. 

Couple of things, my site runs on a few template modifications, I have reverted all template files for the theme download so it's running all stock 4.4.2 templates.

I have also removed CSS which is unique to my site such as the fixed width and icon replacements which you will see in the screenshot below.

If you want fixed with, just add this to the top of the custom.css file and edit the value for what suits your site.

.ipsLayout_container {max-width: 1100px;}

I have also included the editor skin, simply unzip, upload to /applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/skins and then select Night Mode under the Editor tab in your theme options.

If anyone would like to tidy this up and package it for the marketplace feel free, although it would be nice if it was kept free. 

Hopefully IPS realise that Dark Themes for mobile users are becoming more popular and include one out the box in future, come on IPS, sort it out!






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Realised I left my logo in, reuploaded the Theme.xml
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I said I wouldn't support this and not sure if anyone is using it, but we noticed a few errors on the IP search page which have been updated. Thought I would apply the fix to the theme I uploaded on here, whilst there I also noticed a couple more lines which were individual to my site and removed.

The theme is also on 4.4.3, but I will list the changes below if you're staying on 4.4.2

.ipsTable_zebra tbody tr:nth-child( even ):not(.ipsTable_highlight):not(.ipsModerated)
{background: #121823;}

.ipsTable th
{background: #1A212D;}

 * Remove below (around line 255 in custom.css)

.STholder {color: #6d96c0; font-size: 11px;}

.cShareLink {color: #6D96C0 !important;}
.cShareLink_twitter {background: transparent;}



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5 minutes ago, RevengeFNF said:

@dayh why don't you submit the skin to the marketplace? Even if you want to keep it free with no support, i think it would be valuable for the skin to be there and you would have a notion of the people using it.

And people could purchase it 😄

you deserve some compensation for this. 

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I was bodging something together to fill a demand on my site, was never intended for any kind of public release. As you will have seen it's not the most professional of themes, some colours are set in theme settings where others are in custom.css, I really wouldn't feel comfortable charging for it, especially then offering no support. 

The community has helped me out a ton over the years with little bits, after receiving a PM suggesting I should put it on the marketplace figured I would just give something back and share what I've done whilst IPS drag their heels on an official dark theme. 

I will look into how to add it onto the marketplace at some point, install a test site, grab some screenshots and that when I get some free time. 

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1 hour ago, Dean_ said:

Trying out the updated theme, uploaded files for the ckeditor and even uploaded via acp but I cannot get it to show?

Have you selected the editor skin in the theme settings? If so, try running the support tool to clear your cache

***** Post got merged, uploaded to Marketplace ******

Ok, for the last hour I've done it properly, had a tidy, fixed a few more issues which I came across and uploaded to the Marketplace and awaiting approval.

So not to hijack this topic (anymore than I already have) Once accepted if I'm given access I will open a support topic in the Marketplace forum where I will offer limited support.

Hope this helps 🙂 


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2 minutes ago, RevengeFNF said:

@dayh just to tell you that i installed the Skin on my forum and the reception is being really good. Most of peopel are saying me "Revenge, don't change anything else, it's perfect".

Very nice job with this dark skin 👍

Awesome, I would still download the updated file in the marketplace once it goes up, few minor fixes that became noticeable once on a clean install.

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With the introduction of Dark Mode in macOS Mojave last year, web developers have been asking for support in Safari to style web content that matches the system appearance. With the Safari 12.1 update in macOS 10.14.4, dark mode support in WebKit has arrived.



Android Q will feature dark mode



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On 3/9/2019 at 8:24 AM, David.. said:

… IPS by default should have a white theme ...

I agree. I don't care for dark mode. I only use it on my smartphone to take advantage of the Super AMOLED screen's battery saving characteristic.

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Facebook also introducing dark/night mode to their main app now as well as messenger. 

Twitter have recently added a lights out mode as an alternative to their existing dark/night mode. Twitter can also automatically turn it on in the evening and off in the morning. 

My cobbled together CSS changes only Night Mode theme has 56 downloads in the first week.

Whilst not mega numbers, shows there is interest, all these large social media platforms and mobile operating systems would not be wasting their time if it wasn’t in demand.

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1 hour ago, Charles said:

I personally do not like dark mode. I actually find it harder to read.

+1 for IPS giving customers/users of their Community Suite the option to enable or disable a built in dark theme. This being dependent on users personal preference and not dictated to on the preference of IPS staff and management... 😋


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