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Change link in menu from /forums to /forum


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Hello! My vBulletin forum was at site.com/forum and now I am migrating. I now install IPS at site.com/forum and converting old vBulletin to IPS. At this stage all OK and there are redirects out of the box.

After few months, when search engines will index all forum I want to move IPS to site.com/ and install Pages app and make it default to show forum content at front page site.com/. But I find out now that if I make Pages default app - forum link becomes /forums which is already different URL. 

The question is - can I somehow change that default link from /forums to /forum?


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As the staff say, you can't change specifically to /forum because that's a reserved word with a specific meaning in this software and is used automatically as part of an address in certain situations.

You can, however, change it to something else. I'm on mobile so can't check but if you search 'friendly' in the Admin Control Panel, one of the options should be to set custom friendly URLs.

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