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Redirect from Vbulletin urls

Daniel Ocio

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Hi, im asking this on support, but im waiting for anserw, maybe community can help.

I migrate from vbulletin with dbseo firendly urls. 

Support says that i need standar URLs to converters to work.

Now i have standar urls in vbulletin, so the question is, i have to remigrate all data?
I do a test remigrating only forums, and subforums urls still not working

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20 hours ago, Daniel Ocio said:

Ok, as i see uninstalling dbtech SEO, it redirects, the problem is that google has URL from dbtech and thats URL are not redirecting

You will see temporary drop in traffic in Google for many months while your site is reindexed.  

Leave the converter installed to keep the redirects.  

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It sounds like you may need to add some custom redirects to map the Dbtech URLs (with a 301) back to the standard vBulletin URLs. If you do this, our converter application will see those URLs and redirect to the real content. Although it's not ideal to do two redirects, it will still in the end get the request to where it's supposed to go.

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