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Optionally link announcement title to URL


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The announcement improvements made last year are wonderful. They are so much more useful than in the past.

A small extra feature can take them even further with very little code.

With the current system, the user clicks on the title to open the announcement in a modal.  That's great when the announcement body can contain all the info you need your members to see.  But it would be even better if there was an optional "URL" field when creating an announcement.  When the URL field is filled in, then the body field is left blank.  Clicking on the title would take the user directly to the specified URL instead of opening the announcement modaL

It's quite common that an announcement is introducing members to a new site feature or a promotion, or an event.  So we end up creating an announcement that is mostly just a link to the page we really want them to see/visit.  The extra click saved from not having to open the modal just to click the link in that modal would make announcements more user friendly with very minor code changes.

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