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Custom payment gateways in 4.4


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Hi, I have a question about this 4.4 developer change:


Changed how share services, file storage engines, package types, payment gateways, license key generation methods, server types, converters, and widget types are loaded: instead of using a DirectoryIterator to look at what files are on disk, all of these are now defined in a method. To add a new one, you can (and will need to) extend the appropriate method, rather than having users upload a file to a particular location.

I assumed this would allow third-party developers to store files for custom share services, payment gateways, license keys, etc. within their own application directory, and not require the user to upload them into specific locations anymore. Which would be a very welcome change 🙂

However, this doesn't actually work. The code still loads all these classes from hard-coded directories. For example, Commerce loads gateways with:

$classname = 'IPS\nexus\Gateway\\' . $data['m_gateway'];

Meaning that in practice, we still need to upload our custom gateways to /applications/nexus/sources/Gateway/ folder for it to work. I'm just wondering if this was the intended way of it working?


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