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Deeper reporting from IPBoard

Nigel Moore

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Does anyone know of any plugins or any other way to be able to get deeper reporting out of IP Board?

One of the things we'd love to see is what are the busiest times of day for new posts / threads so we can make sure we have one of our community managers working at that particular time.

Any pointers much appreciated!

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On 2/20/2019 at 3:08 PM, Time Travel Institute said:

Do you use Analytics? That should be able to show you a graph of peak times for each day of the week in one of its default reporting templates.

If you're talking about Google Analytics - yes, we do have that and great suggestion. We had our heads too bogged down in trying to find a way in IP Board 🤓

We'll take a look in GA.

Thanks @Time Travel Institute

On 2/20/2019 at 6:25 PM, AndyF said:

ACP > Statistics >

In particular probably take a look at 'new topics' and/or 'new posts' to see when (time periods generally) your community is either creating new topics or new posts. 🙂

Thanks @AndyF - however we've already been using those stats for tracking.

We're looking for more detail than what's in there though (i.e. hourly breakdown averages / graphs).

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GA is going to be the ticket for you.  It will likely have all the metrics and dimensions you need already, but you can also make custom metrics and dimensions if you'd like to track things they don't provide by default.  One example I use is a custom dimension for tracking my members vs guest pageviews.

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Thanks @Clover13 - we'd luckily installed GA 2 years ago when we setup the membership site so we were able to dive into all our historical data.

We found the main data we were looking for initially and it confirmed what we assumed: that there is no specific "busy" time on our membership. As you can see in the average of the last 5 months, it's all very similar.


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