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Below described is possible? 

Domain A - > selfhosted license - > main forum website 

Subdomain1 of domain B - > ips cloud service - > client forum website only enabled the Commerce module. 

Subdomain2 of domain B - > ips cloud service - > client forum website  only enabled the Commerce module. 


Goals :

1. All users have to register in Domain A

2. All users registered can navigate in Main forum website, and can navigate all others Clients forums websites. In my case the main purpose is my clients use Commerce module to handle transactions, but they will use my Main forum website to handle customer service and all others features offered. 

3. My clients don't have to administrate ips suite like me, only administrate their products and commerce module, because this is their bussiness. 

4. Users in Main forum website buy credits, one cent = one point, 100 cents = one dollar. They use credits to buy services or products of Main forum website(marketplace add on, clubs and store), but when purchase in clients forums websites, will use the clients forums websites payment method. 

5. Registration from clients forums websites is restricted. Or redirect to main forum website. 




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1. You could do this by disabling registrations on the secondary domains and requiring users to login through OAuth (connected to Domain A).

2. Users would not be automatically logged in without a custom plugin, but you can use OAuth as mentioned above to allow them to quickly and easily login out of the box.

3. This would not be possible I'm afraid - they'd get the full AdminCP on each installation. They will only have the actions available, however, depending upon the applications installed. So if only Commerce is installed, only Commerce (and core/system) AdminCP functions will be present.

4. There would be no built in way to transfer/honor credits from Domain A on the other subdomains.

5. That is possible as mentioned above.

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