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Is it possible in a future update to have closed tags per forum.  For example if you have a movie and TV forum have a set of tags just for that forum that say whether a topic is about a movie or a TV show.  The same could be applied to music, have closed tags for rock, reggae, folk, classical, etc.  

Have a closed tag system that is universal is not really a good idea as the wrong tags could be applied - or the list of tags could be huge.

With thanks.

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I'm just happy that I can specify tags for each forum - I understand that may not be an ideal scenario for all admins, but for me it's just what I need.  The only issue I have is that it's not made clear at the point of choosing open or closed as there is a field at that point to add tags, had it been made clear I would not have asked the question.  But yeah, I agree there is a lot of room for improvement, particularly with prefixes, but I guess that is somewhere down the road lol.


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I have some closed tags there, but I don't know why when open a topic all tags are applied automatically, then I have to delete it leaving which I want. I think should be like below logic order:

Open topic

1. Place the topic title 

2. Choose which tags need to applied (right now I have to choose which are not, if not do that all tags will be applied, the logic of open a topic is, which tags I want to add for that, specially from the user perspective) 

3. Content 

Or I wrong? 

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