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hide/delete permissions

Ocean West

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21 hours ago, Ocean West said:

So a user at any time can log in and systematically start hiding/deleting all their content - even decades old?! With no regard do a time limit.

I'm sorry I somehow missed your reply / notification of reply yesterday, despite having the notification!


Back onto the matter in hand: Yes that is correct.

Edit time restriction is just that, an 'edit' restriction. 🙂

It has been this way since at least the IPB 2.0.x days, its not new. :) In that if you allow a member to perform 'other actions' as such then they can.

What you are probably seeking is something like a "hide time restriction" and/or a "delete time restriction" , I'm not actually aware  of anything suitable for this.

As I mention, its always been this way.,.


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Wow hadn't realized it was always was that way.

One would figure editing an existing post changes the context or intent of a post - hence they have an edit time restriction. ( why Twitter doesn't have edit feature - yet )

Alteration to the contents is just as destructive to the continuity of conversation as deleting or hiding. I would argue that hiding / deleting is inherently an EDIT.

  • Editing should have a time limit as it has - and or remain open at least until someone replies, then locks.
  • Hiding / Deleting should have the same settings a grace period to allow edits / deletions once a reply is made then it's locked. 

This is would be a general setting for a member - a moderator would be able to of course edit / hide / delete individual posts.

Usually when I have to step in and remove a post I also have to edit the subsequent post by another user (to remove quoted material) or other followup comments that become irrelevant once the post was removed.



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I did check it by setting the member group to be allowed to hide and delete anything they posted (their own content) then set the edit time restriction to 2 minutes. I then posted a topic and a few replies to it, then came back and watched the 'edit' disappear from each post as the time expired. The options to hide/delete remained. :)

As I say this is quite normal...

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