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PAID - Commerce Custom Input Validation


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We need to be able to validate custom input fields as the data is entered, to match specific regex and length requirements, similar to what is available in other areas of the suite (Pages).

This has been in "Feedback and Ideas" for 4 years, and IPS hasn't acknowledged whether such feature will ever be added to the IP.Commerce:

I'm looking for a developer to add this functionality, or at least confirm whether this is the sort of thing only IPS could add, for instance.


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Thinking about the scope of this request...  I'd settle for regex validation on a hardcoded nexus_pfield_# if that helps.  Even just the "bones" of the code, and I'll handle the regex query part of it.

The objective is to ensure our customers don't enter invalid vehicle identification numbers (VIN) on our order forms (where characters like "I", "O", and others are invalid).

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