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Various Form Choices

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One thing that would be useful is if we had a built in way to do our own permission check on some of these form elements that are on default IPS forms throughout the system.

For instance, in deleteOrMoveForm(), I need to change which categories can be in that list of categories to move subcategories to. And I can't simply do it in my canAdd() because the specifics of the main one being DELETED make a difference in my particular case.

So I guess what I am going to have to do is make my own deleteOrMoveForm(), but due to the particulars of that method I can't just call the parent and then do something before or after it, because the whole form is already created in it. I'd basically be just overwriting the whole form.

In this particular app, I can do it, though, because I am not even using content items, so I can simplify that method into next to nothing and IPS won't change anything that matters, most likely, so it's more safe to totally overwrite the method. But just saying I do run into a lot of cases where it would be so nice if we had a built inw ay to run our own checks on some of the form elements on those forms. Or even the method written in a way where we could easily just replace the one element (such as if $form had been an array of form elements). 🙂 

So at least this time it will be easy for me to do what I need, but I just don't like totally overwriting methods unless it's like this where I am going to have to do barely anything in mine, where it's less likely IPS changes will ever affect it.

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