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Feature: Configurable "editted by" time

Black Tiger

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I love this feature and several forums out there do have this option.

When available, a user is allowed to edit his post, for example to make small changes and fix typo's, within a certain configurable time period (for example till 3 minutes after posting), without the "editted by" appears.

After that time, or ofcourse when somebody reply's, the "editted by" will appear anyway.

It's not the same as edit time, which can be for example 10 minutes, while edited by time is 2 or 3 minutes for example.


It allows users to fix some typo's without getting that "editted by" even after a second of editting.

It looks a lot nicer on the forums without all those "editted by" comments if you got a lot of users which like to double (or triple)check their postings after posting, for typo's and maybe things like comma's or dots missing.
Editted by is visible after the configured time, so users which have read that post later, will see it was editted later.


Con's: none that I know of.


So in fact it's just kind of a timeout before the "editted by" appears (which we do want) in a post, making posts on forums nicer when having a lot of typo correcting users.

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I think I suggested this once before. I know what you're asking for I think:

An 'editing time grace period' , for instance if the content is edited within x minutes (and sensibly x would have to be a small number as in 1 to 5 minutes really) then no 'edited by' would appear.

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You're welcome! :D I think any more than at most 5 minutes removes the point of it not showing, if that makes sense. Ideally once they submit and review the post in question any glaring issues should be sorted quickly. Ultimately its a "grace period" not a "limit"

The 'practical' use for this, I think I suggested before is a case of a "sales" forum where it is important the original post was not tampered with. I do realise we have edit history however the grace period does have some merit too, even with this. :)

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Agreed. More then 5 minutes would not make sence. I'm not native English so did not think of "grace period" but that is indeed a better description of the option.

The history is something else, nice for moderators and Admins, this grace period has also it's merit on a couple of points.

I hope more people will see the benefit of such a feature.

Thank you for supporting and giving a better explanation of this function.

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