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Additional Files for Applications, Plugins and Themes

Daniel F

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Please don't forget that marketplace submissions should be completely installable and uninstallable via the ACP, which means that they shouldn't  include any additional files which need to be uploaded to the clients webspace manually.


Applications can ship the custom js,image,font etc.. files within the interface folder and themes can utilize the theme resource system to add custom  files ( JS, Font, Video, etc..).



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4 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

+ Login handler and Payment Gateways.

Well, so how now? I do not understand what the problem is and why it suddenly appeared without warnings and notifications?

3 plugins just don't get approved

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1 hour ago, Daniel F said:

Additional files weren't allowed for a while, because of our cloud clients + additional uploaded files would often be left on the system after the app deinstallation, which could result in issues.

Ok, i updated, now there are no additional files.

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