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Music bot for the forums?

Team Manic

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I've got a quick question for all you beautiful people.

So basically a lot of the forums members on my site, have been asking if there is anyway to add a music bot/chat lounge that basically allows you to request music or play music to people who enter the lounge/music area, that way people can avoid using YouTube so often and can remain active on the forums whilst listening to music on there  + paying attention to incoming traffic/posts. It seems silly, but if users can listen to music on our forums and request their own music, sort of like twitch does with !songrequest , it creates a constant activity on the forums and creates a more effective reason to keep people on the site consistently. Is there anything out there like this?

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5 hours ago, Joel R said:

Closest thing to music anything is Musicbox by @onlyME in the Marketplace


And one issue with Musicbox (which is really an IPS core issue, not an issue with Musicbox) is that every time you load a new page on your IPS site the music resets.  The only way around this right now is to keep a browser window/tab open which plays the music, then open the site in a second tab/window and use that to browse the site.

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