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Conversion from Wordpress


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Hey guys

I have a lot of data in a WordPress blog and wanted to transfer it over to invision forums.
I can use the conversion tool to get all the members perfectly but I see no way to get the blog posts over - is this possible?

Surely the structures are very similar as blog posts and comments directly relate to topics and posts in a forum.

If I had to, I don't mind using a midway conversion to another forum and then to invision - but I've been searching and can not find anything.

Any assistance would be most gratefully received.


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Thanks for that useful info Jim - a bit disappointing that it can only convert to pages (which I do have) as I really want this content in my forums.

Does anyone know of a way to get from Wordpress to one of the other forums as a midway conversion route?

I really don't want to have to code a php converter myself if I can find one that already exists.

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