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Don't ask for Billing Address/Phone for subscriptions?


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My community is going to be subscription-only. Right now, when you choose a subscription, you get this as the first step of the checkout process:


However, everything in my unevenly drawn red box is unnecessary to the checkout process. My two payment options on the next step will be credit/debit card using Stripe (which doesn't require name or billing address), and PayPal (which already gets the name/billing address of the person from their existing PayPal account). And phone number is just an extra optional step that isn't needed either.

Having used subscription/membership site software before with both Stripe and PayPal, I know the only real billing info needed is the credit card info and occasionally first/last name (or nothing at all if PayPal is selected).

So my question is, how do I not ask for this extra stuff when it's for a subscription?

Or at least, not ask for billing address and phone number?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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