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Brian Klein

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I would first off, like to thank you all for your guidance and thoughtfulness, particularly @simonle for his help with my last question found here. This time I am stumped with the 'blog' widget; I am trying to get [1] to size to about 1.6rem without resizing [2] or anything else on the site, I wanted to isolate it to just this section.

I really would like to thank everyone who has answered the calls for help from this novice in the field. I really am thankful. My project would not be where it is without the kind help from all of you.


I've isolated the code to one small particular block of coding, but every time I resize [1] it is including [2] which I am trying to make it remain size it currently is.

[data-blockid="app_blog_blogs_specific widget-id-number"] .ipsType_medium, .ipsType_richText .ipsSpacer_both .cBlogInfo_content {
    font-size: 1.6rem !important; 
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5 hours ago, simonle said:

What about this code, does it work as intended (I haven't really tested it)?

.cBlogInfo_content {
    font-size: 1.6rem !important;


Ma-an, you are the little Dimond in the sands of time. is there NO limitation to your power! I have to say, simonle, you know your stuff. Now. When it comes to coding, I suck horridly at it. I try but man. I wish I had your skill. I really do apreciate this, it means a lot [I cant offer much as you know way more then I, but if ever you need help]. Thank you so very much.

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