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Daily Updates to a Page in Pages


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Hoping someone could help who know more about pages.

I want to create a profile page for car builds. A member can fill out a profile for their car and then display all the info about the car, user and his pictures. But when they progress on their build they can drop by and give updates with a text block and a few photos. 

Ideally i would like the updates to appear below the profile so other members can follow their updates as and when they come in.

What is the best way to integrate these updates? Is it using Blog and somehow tied them together or is there another way for me to let them update?

I will want to keep the comments section at the bottom of the page.

So to summarise

  • Header
  • Profile information on car
  • Member Information
  • Car pics before car is modified
  • Then updates with pics
  • Comments
  • Footer

The reason for it all on one page is so they can share this build in one link.

hopefully someone will no. I suspect @opentype will know 🙂 


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