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Help finding the best point system to engage members

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We have been researching a point system for a long time and never able to decide which way to go.

Looking forward to hearing from people who are using any form of point system to reward/charge their members and how it works and how it helped them engage their members better?

In a marketplace, I have spotted 3 options from $10, $20, and $35 option and all come with their level of simplicity vs complexity. Price and learning curve is not a barrier but we like to engage our members as much as we can.

We are a car community and the majority of members are car enthusiasts. The second type of most active members we have are the offroaders who drive with our offroad club every week and come back and discuss their car issues, drive, route, plan etc. We like to engage our regular members and offroaders so that they participate more in bringing high-quality user-generated content.

Our second major goal will be to convert our visitors to become a member, who is majorly coming from organic searches and over 90-95% are simply reading tons of pages like 40-50 pages per user and going away. How can we lure or motivate them to convert? (if possible 🙂 )


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