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Ability to export/import CMS items


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I think this request might be an old already asked request, but still.
I really need the ability to export/import pages/blocks/templates/css/js/media in the same mechanism as it exists for apps/plugins/themes. We usually prefer to create some new landings on the local dev instance of IPS. Moving the ready page with tons of media items, special template, css and js become very hard to work. We need to copy-paste a lot of files, create a needed (and right named) new blocks with an id's, upload media (which id's changes of course) and etc.
This feature might be good not only for preparing something. It's good to create one landing and copy them to other production IPS instances (we have a lot of different games and their realms with different addresses).
Hope you understand our pain.
Thanks for your attention!

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