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Credit Where Credit's Due

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All to often individuals have many, many problems pertaining to the IPS community and staff and rarely do those individuals give credit where credit is due; since we are heading into a whole new year 2019 and as of writing this so many new things are about to come out with IPS, I just felt I wanted to give my personal thanks and gratitude for everything these special people have done for me, specifically, over the years.

Without the following, I would not be where I am today, it is because of their guidance and help, both with what they could do and even when they weren't supposed to (as they went above and beyond the call of duty). I know very little about coding and it is because of them I have my community dedicated to people and their struggles. Invision Thank you! 

You all have affected my life as a whole and you all have had some impact on my life emotionally over the years, From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, Thank You all.

IPS Staff

  • Stuart Silvester
  • Marc Stridgen
  • Lindy Throgmartin
  • Jim Morrissey
  • Rhett Buck
  • Mark Higgins
  • Daniel Fatkic
  • Matt Mecham
  • Jennifer M
  • Andrew Millne
  • Brandon Farber
  • Ryan Ashbrook
  • Brian Garcia

My Favorite Application Developers

I'd also like to give thanks to the creators who made the cosmetics of the community tip-top shape. Without you all, the community I have would be normal. The following is a list of recommended programmers who've made the site possible. Between these people, I've gone bankrupt lol, no but seriously, because of them I look like I know my stuff.

  • @TheJackal84 - His response time is amazing, his products are all recommended. He's even helped me with some issues I couldn't fix.
  • @Fosters - His applications ad a certain goal oriented feel, giving my users something to strive for daily. His support is usually 2-3 days, but he does come through when needed.
  • @ehren. - His designs make me look like I can build websites; seriously though, highly recommended; he usually pulls through when needed and answers all questions when asked.
  • @opentype - While he does place restrictions on who can use his product, he made my articles look just amazing, the man knows his stuff.
  • @InvisionHQ - I love his work, wish his support was a little more in-depth, still have some issues needing to be resolved (he has been aware of), but all in all his work is great, his enhancements are amazing. I use his shoutcast plugin mainly which should be updated at some point.
  • @Pete T - Only got 1 thing, social icons, but I must say good work.

My Personal All Time Favorites

  • @Adriano Faria - He is by far one of the people I buy apps from for my suite. He usually gets back to me within 1 hour of posting issues, he accepts recommendations and usually completes them on the spot. He takes critiques very well and is all around an awesome individual.
  • @Mike John - I not only buy his stuff, I hired him yearly for support (he comes through like a champ) his site devfuse.com is just amazing and highly recommended for third party apps.

Friend I have met while at IPS

  • @Davyc - an amazing person with a website called 'lonely people' we now work together as sister communities. We've been good, good friends for quite awhile now and I love the guy; just an amazing individual with a great heart.

All in all, these people have all contributed to Humanastory and what I have been doing; without these people - I would not be where I am today. In conclusion, I highly recommend IPS hosting.


Who is your favorite developer and why? How has IPS affected you?

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4 hours ago, Humanastorian said:

I really love the dimensions theme, it is amazing on so many levels.

I second that for the Novus theme from @ehren. very easy to work with and slick 😉

I also give praise to the IPS team - what they have delivered recently (and to come in 4.4 for our sites) is remarkable and support is top notch too.


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