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Pagination with categories


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I'm building a database with Pages for copies of our magazine. The smartest way of doing it seemed to me to give each edition its own category and then use the records within each category to be individual articles.

My category listing currently looks like this:


It's not so bad at the minute because I haven't uploaded many issues. But ... I'm currently editing issue 986! That means that in a few months there will be 986 issues in this database. Even though I'm compressing the images, I'm going to end up with a massive page, potentially in the region of 200,000 pixels in height on desktop and over 100mb in size. Ouch!

What I'd like to do is have 12 or 24 categories showing and then create a new page with the next several. What would I need to put in my Category Listing template set in order to accomplish this?

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