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Execute group promotions? Or Recount?

Black Tiger

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I've got a user promotion (to another group) set up, but then it seems this promotion is not always executed, which I find odd, but oke. I've read this somewhere:

group promotions are executed when the member is saved for some reason (which can happen if you visit their profile (i.e. their profile views value increases) but most commonly occurs when the user is browsing the site).

Maybe it's a better feature to change this that this is just run like other mainenance jobs via cron or when users visit the forums.

Anyway, the promotion is set up to promote all users which registered x days ago (for example 10 days ago) to another usergroup. And nothing happens, because a lot of those users don't visit very often.
Now I read that this could be fixed by doing a recount on the usergroup which this promotion was applicable to.

But I can't find any recount option in 4.3.6.

you just need to click the down arrow near the 'user count' number

But the only arrow I see is the pulldown on the right side of the usergroup which only allows me to copy the group or download the memberlist (and delete on custom groups).
The dashboard search function also does not show any recount so I can manually run this promotion for all users in that group.

Can anybody tell me where exactly to find the recount or tell me how I can manually run the promotion?

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