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Hi all! 

I want my marketplace to be able to offer bundles of files from different sellers who get the commission automatically split between them.

I have 2 ideas for how this could work:

1- Admins can select individual files that are already on the marketplace and bundle them. Maybe have options for how to split the commission, like a) perfectly even split between all involved, b) number of files per member or c) make it proportional to the price of the individual files included.

2- Sellers who are doing a new file upload add multiple other users as "co-authors" who will then also have edit rights over that bundle to add their own files, have it automatically split commission between members, and maybe go further and be able to set how the commission is split.

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4 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

You as a dev should know that a content item can have only one author. A huge change in whole thing would be necessary to accommodate this.

Honestly, I wouldn't expect for this.

Marketplace and the downloads app were both around long before 4.x and content items. Had the feature been thought of before 4.x, they would have simply had the content item system with ability to have multiple authors.

Yes, as far as wanting the feature now, after the system is already in use for 4.x, it would require big changes, but I wasn't thniking about it in that context. I meant unrelated to the current content item setup.

And really if content items were to be compatible with multiple authors, that could come in handy in other apps, too, I'm sure.

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