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Commerce: Make quantity of products on invoice editable.

Black Tiger

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I would like to make a feature suggestion for the Invoice option of the Commerce addon. Moderators please edit my thread title if you have a better description for it.

At this moment, you create a new invoice, set a status, go to next page, then you have to add something the user took. But after the selection, you can't do anything anymore except for saving the invoice to the user.

Suppose you choose an article and you want to invoice the customer for more products. For example 1 year of subscribtion is 6 euro in this example. Now a certain user pays for either 2 or 3 or whatever years. The you have to make a custom input or create multiple subscribtion plans.

Now if the quantity is editable, you could just change the 1 to 3 or 5 or whatever you want.

Probably the same for other articles/products which somebody wants to sell. Like sell themes or something, you can easily change 1 to 3 themes if the customer wants 3.

Wouldn't that make some things a lot easier?

I put in a screenshot of exactly the position where I'm talking about. If you could change this 1 to another number, for example 3 (or whatever), the payment amount would be 3x6=18 automatically. At least that's the suggestion. 🙂

This way it's easier to sell multple pieces of the same article/product.


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