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content not updating on home page

Jennifer Harnetty

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One of our moderators has reported the following:

When not logged in, it can take hours before the site will refresh. Even individual threads are wonky. In forum sections it will look like there aren't any new posts, yet when you go into individual threads sometimes newer posts show up, but oftentimes not. When not logged in, it will show nothing has been posted on the forum homepage, sometimes for 8+ hours, sometimes it works after a few hours, sometimes like usual. When logged in it seems to be working fine.

Has anyone else noticed this?



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Check your cache settings.  Parts of the site that are dynamic are meant to have guest cache, which helps the website perform faster (although guest cache is something like 5 min and not 8 hours).  

Are you self hosted or cloud? If cloud, send in a support ticket to IPS.  

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