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Display Issue with Firefox v65


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I have just updated to Firefox v65 and are seeing some weird display issues...for example when a slider is off (see attachment) however this issue is not on Chrome or Edge...it is also displayed this way on the official IPS site so it isn't just with my site


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I noticed this behavior recently also ... however, I do see it on Chrome 72 and Firefox 65 on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 (1809). Yes, not just my site - also tested with ESET's forums and this forum (using Chrome 72 to post this on Windows 10, and the "notify me of replies' slider is off, with the 'off' visible as per the screenshot above).

I do not see it on Edge or mobile browsers (tested on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).

Based on these observations, it is likely a browser rendering issue and not something specifically on Invision's end. There also does not seem to be any functional issue. 'Glad' to know it wasn't just me!

I would be curious if anyone at Invision has thoughts on this ...

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