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Help Needed - Where do I edit this code

Trevor Carey

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41 minutes ago, Trevor Carey said:


Does anyone know where I would find the page that needs editing in order to remove the highlighted CSS code? It’s code that has been there a number of years, and now conflicting other ad code.




Only two places could be one would be in your advertise system area or second would be in your theme in globalTemplate, but if say been there number years i would have guess the advertise system as the theme just looks default with color changes.


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8 hours ago, Trevor Carey said:

Checked both those locations and no sign of the code unfortunately.

Only other way is do see the issue on another theme so the default that comes with the forum if this already the one make second one and hide from members and see the ads code shows there if not issue 100% in the theme.

If after doing above and shows in new theme is a plugin or being called by a setting in ips this might take few mins but only other option unless happy for someone to come look over.

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