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google.com/jsapi and dashboard issue


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I have something weird happening on my dashboard, graphical charts doesn't show and I can't add widgets to the dashboard. After checking the source code of the site I came across the line:

<script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.google.com/jsapi' data-ips></script>

Now checking https://www.google.com/jsap it gives a 502 error. Is this the issue for the issue described above? Thanks.


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1 minute ago, Mark H said:

That's an issue with Google, which they are aware of and working to correct. Once they get that resolved everything should appear normally.

Thanks Mark, so this explains my issues? I thought I've f*** up anything during my testings for 4.4, I really hate those things....

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1 hour ago, bfarber said:

Google Charts is a google service, it's not something we can host locally.

Phff, we all know it’s only a few lines of code and you could whip it up in an afternoon if you weren’t too busy with gifs, am I rite?

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