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Possible bug in IPS 4.4.0 or issue IE11 win 8.1 phone?


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I do a lot of different tests.
In testing with my outdated win phone 8.1 IE 11, after upgrading test site to 4.4.0 beta 1 I noticed a issue:
- When a browser loading site / forums is default APP /, site is displayed normally, but at about 65% of the time download site, the IE browser is self-closing.
- If I specify in the address bar browser another page / any others, but not a forums / site is loading correctly.

When a site is already loaded, by the way described above, if I choose forums from a menu, IE loads forums to about 65% and re-closes again.

In the new beta 2, this issue again exists.

In version 4.3.6 there is no issue.
With an Android phone, too - there's no such issue.

Please comment - if this is a problem phone win 8.1 IE 11 - clearly. If you think this is bug 4.4.0 - I will bring this topic into a bug tracker.


PP. This is the same issue when I load here on this site forums. All other pages load correctly.

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2 minutes ago, Ryan Ashbrook said:

Given Windows Phone 8.1 hasn't had active support for two years now, this would not likely be an issue we would fix. 

I know that it is outdated. But I was amazed - only forums did not load correctly. All other pages work perfectly.

I have done another experiment - I created a html file from the source code page. I uploaded the file in the root directory - the effect is the same. When testing from a win phone, a browser closes itself ...

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