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Number of New Posts and New Threads in Forum Section


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We've recently moved our community to IPS, however we've received a large number of complaints from users that the forums don't allow them to easily see number of new posts and threads within a section, from the landing page. eg: "192 New Threads, 2040 New Posts" 

They can see that there are new posts in a section by the default behaviour, however they can't see how many have been made. Has anyone put together something like this for their forum?

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5 minutes ago, opentype said:

What do they with that information? How does it look in your previous software?

Thank you for your response.

Attached is an example image.

The issue is that the default IPS behaviour will only show if there's new activity in a thread, but many users are only interested if there's new threads too. So they're looking for a notifier of new threads in a topic.

Image result for dropzone forums

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You might wanna consider teaching your users how to use activity feeds and move them over there slowly as their main entry point. Because the forum index page is an awful entry point for keeping track of forum activity. It’s not the 1990s anymore. 😉 
For example: Activity feeds can be set to only show topics. Or only unread topics. Or only new unread topics in certain forums – globally or per user. This is immensely more powerful than having people scan those forum index columns three times a day and then open each forum separately to see what is even there. 

I understand that your users just expect things to work like they always worked, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better ways worth getting used to. 

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