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URL-encoding for non-latin characters problem

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Links for sharing which include non-latin characters are URL-encoded to unreadable characters which makes them very inconvenient to share:


In Telegram or any other service:


The link should look like this:


not like this:





Another old problem which I already reported by tickets years ago: If in this link I replace everything after the hyphen with any symbols the link would still work:


But If I keep only the number of a topic or a number of a topic with a hyphen the link would stop working:




These are annoying old bugs which break the whole idea of sharing. Please, don't ignore this problem, @Lindy

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Thanks for reaching out. The first issue seems like a bug. I have copied it to the beta bug tracker and you can follow it here: 



With regards to your second concern, I'm afraid we will not be actioning that. Our official position is that you should not manually manipulate the URLs. The number and structure of components in the URL is required and should ideally not be altered. I understand your underlying use case for doing so (the first issue) - but again, that's a bug and hopefully we can address it. 

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