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Wrong expiration date displayed on Commerce?

Black Tiger

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Nick bought the "commerce" addon for the forums which mainly used for subscribtions.

Now we need to add already existing premium members but we're running into an issue. If we just add them manually, they will not get an renewal invoice automatically when the subscribtion ends.
To achieve this, we have to add the users by creating an invoice for them. No problem since we can set the invoice to "paid".

If done this way, and the subscribtion is for one year, we can't adjust the expiration date during the invoice creation so the experiation date is automatically set to 1 year after today, which is in fact correct for new invoices.

So I go to the user account, "Customer view" tab and under "Purchases" I change the expiration date to the correct expiration date, because that's the only place I cound find where I could change this. But now a problem occurs.

On the user account in this Purchases, the correct date is stated.
But in Admin panel -> Subscribtion -> Subscribers the now wrong (originally created) expiration date is visible.

And now the odd thing.
If I click next to this wrongly displayed expiration date on the magnifying glass, the correct expiration date is stated.

Now I'm confused.
1.) Why is the date not updated in the normal subscribers view, only when using the magnifying glass?
2.) Which date will the commerce system now use, the original automatically created expiration date, or the adjusted expiration date?

I put some screenshots which might give better insight in what's going on.

This is when using the normal subscribers view:



And this is the result when using the magnifying glass on the right side of this view:


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