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Subscriptions Change $0.00 Value to FREE


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Would be really good to be able to have the option to not show a numerical NO VALUE amount like $0.00 and replace that with a language string like the word "FREE". For instance, if I'm using products or subscriptions and offer a free membership, it just looks so much nicer if it says "FREE" or "NO CHARGE". 

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16 minutes ago, asigno said:

@AlexWebsites It's not the ideal way of doing it, but there is an immediate solution in changing the text on page load by using GTM or Optimize.

I would prefer something built in to be able to replace {$package->priceBlurb()} in subscriptions if no value present. Maybe a language string.

			<div class='cNexusPrice ipsSpacer_both'>{$package->priceBlurb()}
            {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->checkKeyExists('nexus_tax_explain_val')}}
                <span class='cNexusPrice_tax ipsType_light'>{lang="nexus_tax_explain_val"}</span>


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