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Best paid member option?

Black Tiger

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My friend has some paying members on his forum, who pay for extra's for a certain time.

It was known to him this was not a default thing in Invision.

He does not per sé needs to implement some payment gateway, but he needs to be able to set users who paid with a starting date and an end date.

And if possible at the end date they automatically return to a certain other usergroup.

Which mod/plugin can best be used for this?


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11 minutes ago, Black Tiger said:

So just to be sure, this "best content" which is sold, can also be the access to certain forum boards only?

Sure, you can set up an additional usergroup and give them access to forum a, b, c. Set up a subscription, monthly or yearly for example and if a member subscribes and pays he will change automatically to that usergroup. There are a lot of options available, take a deeper look into it here:


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13 minutes ago, Black Tiger said:

My friend just bought it, and can see it as paid in his client area.

But where can he download this package now? That's hard to find or we're just looking over it every time.


All applications are part of one download in Client Area > Manage Purchases > select license > Download Invision Community.

Once you download and extract to your computer. You can potientially just upload the nexus folder inside of the applications folder to your server’s applications folder. 

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Once you install the suite, you should see the new Commerce tab in the ACP.  

You probably want to use Subscriptions, which is an easier method of recurring payments than Products.  It's streamlined, better display option, and checks out faster.  You'll need to set-up your store settings like PayPal billing agreements.  



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