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How to get e-mail notification every time?

Black Tiger

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I have looked into the options, but it seems it's not present or it's not clear to me.

I would like to have it so, that if somebody reply's to my thread, I get an e-mail notification instantly. So not a daily or weekly notification but instant e-mail notification.

Now maybe it's set up on Invision over here, that this choice is not available, but we do want to have it that way on the converted forum.
Is this adjustable in the Admincp or am I just missing something somewhere?

When I click the little "following box" on the right uppper corner, just below the upper option it says:

You cannot use this option because you have not chosen how the notification should be sent.

But I did have choose this. So I'm very confused now. 🙂

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Yes that's the issue.

I've been there and I've already setup "Notification when a new content is posted".

Better idea, I will add a couple of screenshots of my situation.
These are my notification settings which seem alright to me.

I've also tried with the "only send one email notification etc.." but I still only get the daily content.



This is what I see when I use the follow topic settings here in this thread.


Which also shows the strange notice that I did not choose how notifications should be send.

I'll try logging out and back in again.


Edit: after logging out and in again (clearing cache in between), the both looks still the same as in the screenshots. So the strange notice in screenshot 2 still confuses me. Have to wait if e-mails will be send or still not.

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