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Turning "View Signatures" on for everyone

Nigel Moore

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We just found out that it appears that our users all have the "View Signatures" button turned OFF in their Signatures settings.

From what I have read - this is supposed to be ON by default.

So, my 2 questions I'd love some help on are:

1) How do we turn everyone's "View Signatures" field on across the entire site? (we thought it might be a field in the members table which we could run a SQL command on, but it doesn't look like that's the case.

2) How do we set a default so that all new users get created with "View Signatures" turned on?

(we only allow a few members to actually have signatures in our community at the moment and those signatures are crafted by us for standardisation)

Many thanks in advance!

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Bump - anyone with any ideas on this one?

Support has said that they are not able to help us at all with fixing it.

There must be some field in the SQL tables that stores the value of this "View Signatures" toggle - it's just not initially easily identifiable (to us at least).

Any help would be super appreciated 😎

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