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[s] causes 'strikeout' text ...

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I encountered something interesting today when posting an article in one of  our forums.

Midway through a sentence, a word was 'pluarlized' by adding a 's' inside brackets [ ].

For example, shirt(s) ... but instead of parenthesis, brackets as above.

Everything in the post beyond the bracketed 's' was 'strikeout' formatting. The only way to remove the strikeout formatting was to past the article again without the bracketed 's,' because once published, the brackets disappeared (as did the 's'), and one is just left with strikeout text.

In the sentence below, the word 'is' will be typed out as i(s) with the 's' in brackets, not parenthesis, so you can see the effect ...

Here i an example of what I am talking about ...

This may be normal behavior, but I had no idea that this should be expected. Thoughts?

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