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Gallery picture embed


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40 minutes ago, Jennifer M said:

Are you talking embed on IPS? If so this is already possible by copying the URL when you're on the page and pasting it into the editor. It will auto parse.

I try use it, but there come with all others pictures, I would like embed specific picture...


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11 minutes ago, Jennifer M said:

I would recommend to use the "Insert other media" button in the lower right corner of the editor:


Click on Gallery in the left column and find the image. You can search for it by name (both file name and the title I believe).

The limitation there is don´t appear pictures uploaded by others members...that is why I requested for let add more than one authors to picture and album


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Then you will need to use the "paste the URL" method, but if you don't want other images from the container to show you can edit the appropriate theme template to remove that data. I don't expect we will introduce another embed option for Gallery with the existing options already in place.

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