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Social Media Promotion & Hashtags

Ocean West

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The problem with hashtags for this feature is you have to have them all though out and added in the ACP, but hashtags happen organically in the moment and it's tedious to have go do this when you want to promote something.

So keep the back end for 'default' hashtags ones you know you would like to use. From the front side some way to have a list of hashtags that will accumulate as you use them in any of the media, and perhaps a checkbox to remember these hashtags for future promotions. (permissions could retain or purge based on user or group?)

If you start promoting content and then wish to promote it all using the same hashtag its best if you can tap existing hashtags from list to enter or start typing it and have it auto suggest existing spellings - nothing worse than having a typo hashtag in the wild. 

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I would LOOOVE to see a hashtags feature.

 Would it be possible to re-purpose / reutilize the Tags feature?

Members could use Tags (as hashtags) in their posts / comments. When you click on the hashtag, it links you to a search page where other members have also used that same hashtag. 

Then include a way to show Trending hashtags in a widget based off of usage (like the Popular Now or tag cloud widgets). 

I would be super interested in this and I know my members would love it.

There's a lot of #JusticeFor campaigns on social media, and that could be super powerful to tap into on my forum as well. Just food for thought 🙂

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I also interested with ability to convert user-defined hashtags into item tag list based on permission by author/groups with some relevance algorithm into search result and avoid "seo keywords" duplication. [taxonomy]

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