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Apple News Integration

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Publish your articles to Apple News!

  • Different publish settings for individual databases
  • Can be limited to one or more categories
  • Map database fields to Apple News Article components (e.g. title, body)
  • Customize the appearance of your Apple News articles
  • Apple News articles are synched automatically with your site - published articles get published to apple, hiding an article hides it on apple, etc.



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I have some issue with the apple news app. It is not communicating with my Apple news account. My API credentials are working fine as I am able to sync post from a WordPress website to apple news fine.
I have installed the apple news app on 2 different IPS 4.4 websites and none of them is syncing my post.

Here is a photo which shows posts sync from Wordpress website but none of my IPS articles get sync.


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11 hours ago, HeadStand said:

Sorry. I would say "maybe in a later version" but I'm so behind schedule these days, I don't want to promise anything that I can't even begin to put on my calendar....

Haha I feel you. I do think adding Topics would be super valuable to the product. For me, that would mean the members who are contributing with great posts could have a chance for it to be featured in Apple News. 

Members on my forum who make great topics, I "Feature" and it appears on the homepage. If it also appeared on Apple News... WHEW! That'd be huge. 

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