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Member field to replace $row->author()


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In a Pages database I'm using the member field to indicate which member the record refers to. (It's something like a staff directory.) I would like to use that field to display the member's profile picture.

I know that $field_33 will give me the member_id. I also know that

{template="userPhoto" app="core" group="global" params="$row->author()", 'tiny', $row->warningRef()"}

will generate the profile picture complete with profile appearing on hover etc.

Rather than $row->author() (which is always me), I want to use $field_33. However, it's not working. So I presume that the parameter generated by $row->author() has to be more than just the member_id. And just plugging in "1" seems to suggest it too because it doesn't work, even though that's my member_id.

What does that parameter need to be if not the member_id? And how would I do that using field_33?

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